Monday, April 30, 2012

Current Obsessions

It's been a busy week here at Science and Cupcakes, so in the spirit of keeping things current, I thought I would try to smoosh all the goings on of the past week or two into one giant list of the things currently occupying space in my brain other than research. Brevity is the soul of wit. Or something.

1. Wisconsin

Andy and I took a really awesome trip to Door County, WI to do some wine tasting, hiking, and general relaxing to celebrate our anniversary. Door County is a neat little place that's sort of part Cape Cod, part New Hampshire, and part Midwest farming town. We made a few stops along the way like the Miller brewery in Milwaukee (free samples wooo!) and Lambeau Field  in Green Bay (cheeseheads wooo!). Basically, I didn't want to come back. I've been left with a small obsession with America's Dairyland. Cheese, beer, bratwursts, wine, and football? Awesome. 

Bonus sub-obsession: cheese curds

I don't know where these have been all my life, but now I am a cheese curd convert. Like mozzarella sticks but lighter. Yum! I need to find a good place in the Chicagoland area for these, stat. 

2. Trader Joe's

Having worked at Whole Foods Market for four years during high school and college, I was a little bit skeptical when Trader Joe's moved into my hometown. However, I have come to love, love, love Trader Joe's. Mandarin orange chicken? Premade pizza dough? Hummus?! AND I just discovered that they make PORK BUNS, too? Sign me up.

Note: Since I couldn't find the links on Trader Joe's website, the links are from one of my favorite food blogs, What's Good at Trader Joe's? Check it out if you want to drool over delicious things at Trader Joe's. 

3. Skinnytaste

I've been doing WeightWatchers for the past six months or so, and let me tell you, sometimes finding yummy recipes can be sort of difficult. Especially when I get home from work at 7 PM and don't really feel like moving anymore. Enter Skinnytaste, a blog that seems to have read my mind. Andy and I made this Bolognese sauce yesterday, which was absolutely fabulous. We've also made these spinach meatballs as well as our entire Super Bowl spread (potato skins, mozzarella sticks, and chicken nuggets, oh my!) from here. It's a really great website, even if you're not doing WW and just love tasty things that don't make you slip into a food coma after you eat them. NOM.

4. This video

Having spent a good part of this past weekend exploring the greater Lakeview area, this video speaks to me in a way others cannot.

As one of my labmates pointed out, this video also conjures up images of a better time in another city.

EDIT: Let it be known that KYLE was the one who showed me this video. :)


  1. I love cheese curds. Probably one of my favorite finds in Wisconsin!

    1. Yes! Also, they must be the fried kind. ALWAYS.