Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday = Coffee Hour

Today is Thursday and that only means one thing: Coffee Hour.

Coffee Hour is a weekly ritual in our department, which some groups (including mine) see as a sort of sport. The groups with the best coffee hour have bragging rights and those who don't bring enough food for everyone or (worse) buy everything from the grocery store are shunned. Well, at least word gets around who has the best coffee hours and who doesn't. Groups try to outdo each other for coffee hour domination.

I will specifically plan my day around gorging myself on the good coffee hour days. Coffee hour may also substitute for dinner on days with IM sports or late lab/homework sessions. On mediocre Thursdays, I often begin counting down for coffee hour as early as 11 am. The greatness of coffee hour was passed on to me within my first week of being a grad student here. When I went to talk to the grad students in a group I was thinking about joining, I was told that I couldn't "go home yet because today is COFFEE HOUR." They started me early.

My group has coffee hour in a few weeks, and I'm already contemplating what I should be making. It's that intense. Maybe some sort of bar cookie/brownie or cupcake? To be continued...


  1. Ahhhh the simple pleasures. I remember going to Coffee Hour with your department! The cookies were delicious!!

    What was the last thing you brought to Coffee Hour?

    1. I made these Rocky Road Brownies for coffee hour last time. We're also down a few people because of travel, so I really have to be on my game!

      Maybe I'll make these?

      Or these?

  2. omg lemon cupcakes. Make those!!

    1. I wound up making these:

      So good!