Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Back from the dead and a super simple drink recipe!

I am ashamed to admit that the last post I put on here is from when it was still snowing. However, the temperature is in the 60s today in Chicago, so we can pretend that it's more spring than summer, right?

I'm just trying to make myself feel better. :)

The past couple of months have been crazy, mainly because I am in the process of writing my dissertation. I am hoping to graduate with my PhD in a few months, so I'm writing, looking for jobs, and still running experiments.

It's a crazy life.

One of the things that keeps me going is my herb garden.

I love having to be creative when you have a bunch of an herb you need to deal with. Herbs always seem to come in droves. You can never just get one sprig of basil. You get an entire bush.

On that note, I have been making a bunch of simple syrups to mix into various beverages for a little touch of summer. Simple syrups require basically no effort, use up tons of herbs, and last for weeks in the fridge. Here is a white iced tea recipe that is super easy and builds on my recipe for lavender simple syrup from a few posts ago. Cold brewing the tea means that this recipe is almost completely hands-off. Also, cold brewing results in a mellower tea that complements the floral notes of the lavender. The taste is light, sweet, and perfectly summer.

Lavender Iced White Tea

A Science & Cupcakes Original

Serves 4

6 bags of white tea
32 oz water
2-3 oz (or to taste, depending how sweet you like your tea) lavender simple syrup


1) Add water to a large pitcher. Add the tea bags, making sure to get them completely wet and letting the string and tag hang over the edge of the pitcher. Place the lid on the pitcher (or cover with plastic wrap/aluminum foil if your pitcher doesn't have a lid), securing the strings. This keeps the tea bags in a bunch, making them easier to remove.

2) Place the pitcher in the refrigerator. Let the tea steep overnight or up to 12 hours so that the tea can cold brew.

3) After the tea has brewed, remove the tea bags and discard. Add the lavender simple syrup and stir to combine. Enjoy!


  1. Oh thesis writing...SO FUN. (Not.) I have my committee meeting to determine whether or not I can defend in September on Tuesday...so I know the feeling!!

    1. Ahh, good luck! It's a crazy time, but we'll get through it! :)