Monday, January 27, 2014

Exciting News!

It has been a while S&C-ers, but I promise that I have the best news to share with you. Something awesome happened in these last few months...


On our way back to Pennsylvania for the holidays on December 20th, Andy proposed to me on the steps of Old Main on Penn State's campus. He got me to State College under the ruse that we were going to see our college friend Jake the next day, so he had surprised me with an overnight stay and stop at the campus. This was actually just part of the plan to get me to State College using a believable excuse. Penn State is such a special place for us, and I was so excited to have a chance to see it again! We decided to check out the campus and parked the car in the HUB parking deck. We walked by Atherton Hall, the dorm where we both lived, and across the HUB lawn (including a little offroading in the snow because the lawn is under construction). We walked along College Ave, and then as the chimes on the Old Main clock struck 8 PM, he lead me to the top of the stairs of Old Main and proposed. I said yes. :)

Next, Andy lead me through the HUB where we rounded the fishtanks to find my mom and dad and Andy's parents and their dog Sunny waiting for us. Seeing them may have been more surprising than the proposal itself, or maybe I was still a little bit in shock. After meeting up, everyone went out to Otto's Pub & Brewery for a late dinner (I even got my favorite apricot wheat beer!). It all felt like a dream.

The next day, we went around and took some pictures on campus because I was determined to commemorate the occasion. It was raining, but we still got some nice photos.

The next day on the steps of Old Main.

We're already in the midst of wedding planning, which is exciting and a little overwhelming, because apparently you need to act fast in the wedding biz or everything is booked. This past weekend, I went to look at venues in Philadelphia with my parents and Carmeline, my good friend from home. Now comes the decision! Ahhhh!

I will update with new recipes soon (I have some good ones on deck, I promise!), but I wanted to share this joyful time with all of you. :)

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